Melbourne CBD Commercial Tenancy Fitout

Client: Riverlee 

Site: 179 Queen St, Melbourne

Project: Ground Floor Tenancy Commercial Tenancy Fit-out

We had this project approved to start just as COVID-19 shut down the world. We started works during the COVID Lockdown in May 2020 which provided new challenges in completing works. This is due to COVID safe measures that had to be implemented including no more than 2-3 tradesmen on site at one time and a large majority of the co-ordination was completed remotely.

We completed a fit out of the ground floor tenancy, including plastering and painting make good to walls and columns, floor releveling of polished concrete and spraying out the ceiling and all services white to provide a clean look and so that they weren’t a visual eyesore.

We also installed a full frameless aluminum and glass shopfront to allow for clear vision into the tenancy and a luxurious finish.