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Build Technics Company Profile – Builders Melbourne


Our People

Our company is headed up by Dennis Burton and Anita Leo who have a long history of working in the commercial building industry


Dennis Burton

Registered Builder, Certificate III – OHS

Director of Build Technics and heads up the management of on-site activities for both the building and maintenance works


Anita Leo

Bachelor of Building, Certificate III OHS

Director of Build Technics and manages the tender and contractual processes for building works as well as the allocation of trades for maintenance works orders, management of business operations.


Although as Build Technics we have primarily been involved in projects up to $500k, prior to forming Build Technics, Dennis and Anita came from a commercial building background working on large projects including construction of shopping centres, large office building, schools and various other larger commercial building projects in the range of $1m to $100M meaning whilst we often undertake smaller work on large buildings we have valuable understanding of how the building was built, this is also invaluable when performing maintenance or inspecting buildings for building issues as we can use our considerable experience to identify any substandard building conditions, trace and correct leaks and perform remedial works to prevent further deterioration or safety issues. Very few smaller building or maintenance contractors in our field would have the depth of experience and knowledge that are able to offer our clients.